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Chicken – Many chain restaurants use highly processed fully cooked chicken, we use fresh high protein (no water added) boneless breasts, which can be noticed in the taste and texture of the product.

Steak – Our steak program is simple – we use a fresh never frozen sirloin cap steak, considered by some to be the best cut of sirloin steak. One steak is a small portion, two is a regular portion.

Fresh Fries – Yes, we sell fresh French fries! It is more work; most good things are.

Fresh Bread – Our evening meals include your choice of three fresh breads baked daily: Italian, Cheese, and Multigrain.

Wine – Is meant to be enjoyed with a meal. Many avoid restaurant wine because it is overpriced, with two glasses costing more than the meal itself. Our wine prices start at $2.95 a class. Enjoy a glass today, or two if you are not driving!

Keep it simple – Menus should not be long and confusing. We should call the food what it actually is and avoid hard to understand, phony names for food items. Our main menu is 50 items or less by design.

Hot Food Hot – Cold Food Cold – The reality is that more food is served warm, not hot or cold as intended. Through kitchen design and team service we endeavour to being your meal to you on hot plates or chilled bowls, as soon as it is ready. (Watch out for those hot plates!)

The Guest comes first – Easy to say but hard to do, we strive to put our guest’s needs ahead of our own. We train that way and we lead our team that way.


We know you have many choices when dining out, thank you for making Rossano’s part of your day.

La dolce vita!

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